Build muscle,Diet What’s In A Bodybuilding Diet

What’s In A Bodybuilding Diet

The famed bodybuilding coach Vince Gironda once said that 80% of bodybuilding is diet. One of the best known trainers of all time, Gironda spoke from experience.

An experienced bodybuilder himself, Gironda was perhaps better known for giving Arnold Schwarzenegger the training which got him on the road to success as one of the most famous bodybuilders in recent memory.

In fact, Gironda trained many of the greats in the field for nearly five decades, including some of the biggest names in bodybuilding from the 1950s all the way into the late 1990s.

Vince Gironda believed that the way to become successful at building muscle is to follow a proper bodybuilding diet. Over the course of his career, Gironda was immensely influential in convincing others to follow his lead.

A good bodybuilding diet should consist of high quality proteins and nuts, healthy carbohydrates from fresh fruits and vegetables and a carefully controlled intake of healthy fats and oils. In addition, bodybuilders should make sure to take supplements which assist them in building new muscle and shedding subcutaneous fat.

Nutrition expert Bernard Beverley has said that bodybuilders should make sure to build their diets around proteins which are similar in structure to those found in the human body, since these are the most readily available for the body to use. Not all protein is equal, no matter what any bodybuilder or nutritionist may tell you. It’s not only the amount of protein in your diet that matters, but what kind of protein you eat.

While it may be surprising to some bodybuilders and athletes, it happens that the food with the most readily available form of protein is the egg. Some of the other best sources of protein include milk, lamb, beef, poultry, fish as well as organ meats. Beans and other higher-protein vegetables are also great additions to your diet to help you get the protein you need to build muscle tissue.

However, soybeans, as high in protein as they are, happen to have a readily bioavailable protein content of only 22%! This means that you would have to eat much larger quantities of soy-based foods to get the proteins you need when compared to some of the other sources listed above. When preparing for bodybuilding events, Vince Gironda recommended eating up to three dozen eggs daily rather than using anabolic steroids!

The goal is to give your body plenty of high quality proteins which allow them to repair and rebuild muscle tissue. After six to eight weeks of this diet, you should then scale back to a more moderate intake of eggs, since you’ll have already achieved the results you were looking for.

There are also bodybuilding diets which are focused on fresh vegetables and fruits, with red meats as the primary source of proteins. Every diet is designed for a different purpose, though they share the aim of giving the body the protein needed to build new muscle tissue after intensive workout sessions. However, these are not meant to be long term diets. Along with diet, Gironda recommended supplements including dessicated liver, wheat germ oil, kelp tablets, inositol, choline, betain, methionine (lipotropic amino acids which help the body to assimilate dietary protein). A special bodybuilding diet developed by Vince Gironda for students preparing for events was a cyclical diet to help them in losing even more subcutaneous fat.

The diet is based on eating no carbohydrates whatsoever for four days, followed by one day of eating normally. The cycle is then repeated for anywhere from three to eight weeks depending on the students needs, with the student’s definition increasing day by day as they metabolize and burn off subcutaneous fat.

Any good bodybuilding diet should consist of around 24% protein from high quality sources, 40% natural, unrefined carbohydrates (meaning no refined sugars or starches), ample fiber and a balanced amount of fats.

A diet for the period right before a competition consisting of the four day zero carb and one day of normal eating cycle is a good one, but should not be eaten for any more than eight weeks. Along with this diet, proper dietary supplements should be included.

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