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What you Need to Know to Lose Tummy Fat

As we age and reach the middle stages of our life, many of us begin to see that extra development of fat in our midsections, sometimes called the Middle Age Spread. While some people view it as simply a part of getting older, the truth is that you need to learn how to lose tummy fat like this since it’s potentially very harmful.

Learning how to lose tummy fat is essential because fat in your midsection has been directly linked to everything from diabetes to high blood pressure to heart disease and even some cancers.

It’s also important to understand the different types of fat in your midsection. The first is subcutaneous, which is just under the skin, and is the fat you actually see and can grab. The second is visceral, which surrounds the organs and intestines within the body. This second variety is much more harmful, which highlights why there’s much more than appearance at stake when you want to lose tummy fat. Through nutrition and exercise however, both of these tummy fat types can be combated and you can end up much healthier.

Exercise is important for two reasons, because it both boosts our metabolism and builds new muscle mass, each leads to you succeeding with your goal to lose tummy fat.

Dieting and Nutrition

Sometimes people eat far too little with their nutritional program, and end up seeing worse results than they would have otherwise. Our metabolism doesn’t burn calories when it’s being starved, instead it stores them to try to keep you alive.

Therefore, only a small or moderate reduction in calories is what you should go after, reducing your daily intake by about 10-20% from what you would normally eat to maintain your weight.

To help you with your progress and to stay on course, you should keep a log or diary of all of the foods you eat, the calories they had, and the kind of results you’re seeing. Before you even start a diet to lose tummy fat you can do this for a reference later on.

While you don’t need to eliminate carbs from your diet, you do need to avoid eating the bad carbs and bad fats. These are the processed foods rich in sugars and low on nutrients, and the foods with trans-fats that can harm your health a great deal.

Another useful step when learning how to lose tummy fat is to simply avoid prepared foods. These are usually preserved with chemicals and loaded with sugars, fat and sodium.

A healthy nutritional program to lose tummy fat will include fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish, and a bit of lower fat meat. Even alcohol should be minimized, since it also provides empty calories.

Cut down your total carbohydrate intake to about 50 grams per day as you first begin your diet, just to get the process started, then you can include a bit more of the healthy variety each day.

At some point as you lose tummy fat the progress is going to slow or reach a plateau, and that hopefully means you’re getting to your maintenance level, which is a healthy target.

Another step of your diet should be to increase your protein to represent 25% of your total calories. Chicken, fish, beans and legumes, and pork and beef are all good protein sources.

Don’t rely too heavily on soy protein, which our bodies are not entirely adapted to. They don’t provide all of the amino acids that the human body needs for muscle growth and proper functioning.

Lose Tummy Fat with Exercise

Muscle mass in your body burns three times more calories than an equal amount of fat, which means that exercise to build muscle will greatly increase your metabolism and help you to lose tummy fat.

You can join up with a gym or a personal trainer to help design a program for you to begin weightlifting. Stick with resistance training over cardio training as you learn how to lose tummy fat. Widgets

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