Body toning Learn How to Lose Tummy Fat

Learn How to Lose Tummy Fat

As most of us reach the middle age of our life, we begin to add on a few pounds here and there, particularly in the stomach region. These extra pounds used to be considered annoying but harmless, just a part of aging. But we know now that it can be extremely harmful for your health.

You need to learn how to lose tummy fat because it is directly tied to terrible conditions ranging from heart disease and some cancers, to diabetes and hypertension.

Within your body, you will find two different types of stomach fat. The first type is subcutaneous, and that’s directly under the skin, it’s what you see and can hold or grasp. The second type is visceral, which surrounds organs and the intestines. Visceral is the worst variety, directly interfering with your body’s processes, but both can be targeted with an effective plan to lose tummy fat. It also demonstrates that there is much more at stake when you learn how to lose tummy fat than just your physical appearance.

A nutritional plan, combined with exercise that builds muscle and increases metabolism, is the best approach to lose tummy fat.

Nutritional Plans

Never restrict your diet too much when you want to lose tummy fat, you can actually do more harm than good. Our bodies evolved to store fat when we don’t eat enough, in an effort to prevent starvation.

That’s why more moderate reduction in caloric intake is preferred to lose tummy fat, at about 10-20% of your healthy daily total.

A great way to get going with your plan will be keeping a log of everything you eat, the calories it has, when you ate and what your results were. This will help you track results and make effective, smart decisions.

You want to eliminate bad foods from your diet, and this includes things like trans and saturated fats, and simple, processed carbs. These simply add empty calories to your intake and don’t provide nutrition. Easy switches like wheat pastas and breads instead of white will go a long way.

You should also avoid prepared foods, which are loaded with chemical preservatives in addition to sodium, as well as typically fats and high-fructose corn syrup.

A healthy nutritional plan to learn how to lose tummy fat will include lean meats and protein sources, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Reduce alcohol consumption as well, which only provides empty calories.

In the beginning of a diet plan, you want to sharply reduce carbohydrate intake in order to help get the process of losing weight started.

As you begin to lose tummy fat effectively, you can then begin to raise your intake to help even yourself off. You’ll naturally approach a healthy, maintenance level.

Meanwhile, you want to be eating more protein, as much as 25% of your calories when you want to lose tummy fat. High quality protein sources include beans and legumes, eggs and low fat dairy products, chicken, fish, pork and lean beef.

At the same time, you should avoid eating too much soy protein, which is not a perfect match for the human body. It does not provide all of the amino acids, the building blocks of proteins and muscles, that our body really needs.

Adding in Exercise

Weightlifting and all-purpose strength training will help you lose tummy fat by increasing your metabolism and adding new muscle mass. Muscle mass burns three times more calories than fat of the same quantity.

To get started with a safe and effective training program to learn how to lose tummy fat, consider joining a gym or seeking out a personal trainer. Stick with weightlifting over cardiovascular exercise to achieve your goals and stay as healthy as possible.

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