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How to Lose Stomach Fat

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How to Lose Stomach Fat

Why do so many people want to learn how to lose stomach fat? Well, besides the fact that it doesn’t look good or feel good, it is very unhealthy. It can directly lead to a variety of ailments, diseases and long term problems, for both men and women.

Just a few of the major issues that could arise include heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and even some kinds of cancer.

You want to lose stomach fat, but how does it get there to begin with? Our metabolisms slow down as we age, but even without that, we tend to not get enough exercise, and tend to eat things we shouldn’t. The good news is that it can be changed.

When it comes time to learn how to lose stomach fat, it’s all about two things, diet and exercise. You might already know that, but it’s really just about dedicating yourself to the cause.

You should also forget about trying to target specific spots or patches on your body. Focus on total health and fitness, and you’ll see the results everywhere you want.

Therefore, you can’t really say, I want to lose stomach fat, and only that. You’ll lose fat equally throughout your body, and you’ll see great results.

Lose Stomach Fat with Nutrition and Diet

Many people actually end up eating too little when they diet, and they don’t lose stomach fat they way they would want to. That’s because the body goes into preservation mode to prevent starvation, and you store more fat instead of burning it off.

Therefore, an appropriate calorie intake level needs to be determined based upon all of your individual factors such as age, sex, size, muscle mass, and so forth.

For example, looking at an average sized man, around middle age, who gets a few workouts in more week, he might need about 2,500 calories every day to stay exactly where he is. But if he was older or younger, taller or shorter, or anything else, the number would be different.

Now, this man can drop his daily calories to about 2,000 per day to lose stomach fat effectively, and dropping down to 1,750 per day would really produce fat results.

A woman with the same conditions may need to maintain with 2,300 calories, and then drop to 1,800 or 1,700 calories to produce the same kind of weight loss results.

What you’ll want to do to learn how to lose stomach fat is get a calorie counter and plan your meals with it, and keep track of everything that you put into your diet. You can work up a great plan with a minimal amount of effort this way.

What’s great is that as you continue on and build muscle, you’ll also lose stomach fat quicker, because your muscles burn off more calories than fat does- three times more!

Lose Stomach Fat with Exercise

Resistance training and strength training are very important to lose stomach fat and build muscle. You can start with bodyweight exercises and advanced towards free weights and machines to see improved results.

Walking/Jogging – Walking for just 10-30 minutes a day can help you lose stomach fat dramatically.

Squats – Stand straight up, feet at shoulder width, and arms in front of your body. Squat all the way down, and then raise yourself back up. Set a goal of being able to do 100.

Twists – Stand straight with your hands on your hips and twist your body to each side for one repetition, work your way to 100.

Calf Raises – Stand straight and elevate your toes on a piece of wood, or a few books, or anything else, then rise up on them, hold the position, and lower, working to 100 repetitions.

Pushups – Complete a basic pushup using good form, touching your chest all the way to the floor and keeping your arms straight, trying to complete 25 total.

These are the beginning exercises to try to get you started to lose stomach fat, and from there you can take on a whole lot more, too. Widgets

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