Build muscle How To Get Big Biceps

How To Get Big Biceps

Nothing says “fitness” more than a pair of muscular biceps. They can be admired on both men and women alike. Here are some ideas on how to get big biceps.

It all starts with working the arm muscles hard.  Obviously this doesn’t mean sitting down and squeezing rubber balls or hand grips.  In order to get big biceps you need to hit the gym and pump some iron.

The arms are divided into 2 muscle groups; the biceps and triceps.  The biceps are on the front of the arm that is contracted when your arms are tightly curled.  The triceps are on the back of the arm and are noticeable when the arm is straightened.

Biceps are primarily used for pulling things towards you while triceps are about pushing them away.  So in order to get big biceps you need to work the tricep muscles as well.

Whenever you curl a weight the biceps are worked the most.  Just remember when you are utilizing this workout you do both the positive and negative exercise.  If you plan on being a bodybuilder then you have to exert the muscle in both parts of the movement.

The best way to work the triceps is by pressing the bar away (positive) and resisting the return of weight (negative).  Also remember to bring it back to the starting position, and that both sides of the movement are executed.

It’s also a good idea to focus on your arm workout one day per week.  If you want to get big biceps you have to spend one day putting them through total exhaustion, even though they will be worked here and there on other days as well.

Exercises To Get Big Biceps

Barbell and Dumbbell Curls- You can perform these exercises in several different ways.  Your success will heavily depend on the movements, which have to be controlled.  We recommend doing 3 sets of ten repetitions on the following exercises:

– Close-grip barbell curl while seated.
– Standing, close-grip cheat curl.
– Incline, barbell curl that is face forward
– Lying face-forward on high bench, barbell curl.
– Dumbbell curl in the standing position.
– Incline dumbbell curl.
– Reverse-grip by using easy curl bar
– Concentration curls on Scott Bench using easy-curl-bar.
– Flat Preacher Bench close-grip curls with easy-curl-bar.

Exercises for the Triceps

– Triceps Presses, Curls and Press-Downs
– Standing close-grip triceps curls.
– Seated close-grip triceps curls.
– French Press supine on flat bench.
– Supine triceps curl and press.
– Reverse-wide-grip bench press.
– Standing dumbbell triceps press.
– Triceps using machine press downs.
– Reverse grip triceps by press downs.
– Standing triceps press using wall pulley, rope, or towel.
– Bent over triceps extension with wall pulley.

Super Sets- If you consider yourself an advanced bodybuilder, alternating biceps and triceps exercises are essential to your results.  Basically you are shortening your workout time, but not sacrificing the integrity of your workout.  Don’t rest in between workouts, and only a 1 minute rest between each set.

This will help you tear the muscle down, and then it will be time to rest and rebuild the tissue.  Make sure you implement a high-protein diet, which should consist of at least 25% of the calories coming from protein.  In order to help metabolize the protein you will need to include dietary fats.

If you truly want to get big biceps it’s a good idea to use protein supplements.  Amino acids are beneficial as well, especially in the form of Lipotropic 3.  This is a compound that offers three essential amino acids so your body can burn fat.  You might also want to consider desiccated liver and kelp tablets.  Plus, wheat germ oil that is cold pressed can be utilized to boost your energy and offer you a lot more endurance.

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