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Question by _!_Eilidh_!_: Home exercise?
Well recently i’ve been pretty lazy no exercise,now i have a bit of a beer belly almost =P I do sit ups but how many should i do every night or is morning teh best time to exercise,what is the best exercise i can do at home to help?
thanks =]

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Answer by Den
Forget it,if you want to lose the belly start jogging.Keep doing the SU but do the jogging too.Sit ups are anaerobic,that is–you do not use a lot of air to fuel the exercise.Anaerobic will build more muscle than burn calories.
Running is aerobic,you DO use a lot of air doing it.Aerobics are the way to use calories at the fastest rate.
It is just about that simple and there are no shortcuts in the long run.
Run at night after the Sun goes down,do at least a mile.Do it at least 3 times a week too.All that you will need is one mile of running to make a substantial change in appearence.
You will feel better,look better and sleep like a baby.This will consume time,so set aside 30-45 minutes for the mile.You need to take into account that you must dress for it and then shower after.
This will be a major change in your life,so take that into account and build time to do it.Do not join a gym,just go outside and do it.You will thank me later.

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