Blog Build Those Pectorals With the Dumbbell Bench Press

Build Those Pectorals With the Dumbbell Bench Press

Build Those Pectorals With the Dumbbell Bench Press ]]> ]]>

To me there are three things that stand out on a person that just screams, “That person is in awesome shape!” The first is of course the six pack abs, the second is well developed biceps and the third are the pectoral or chest muscles. These three combined would ultimately mean that you are in top physical condition. All you need to do is take a look at any pro athlete (not playing the offensive or defensive lines in football) and you will see what I mean.

You can do a variety of exercises to develop your pectorals but today I wanted to talk about the dumbbell bench press. A dumbbell is nothing more than an amount of weight that you can hold and control with one hand. Normally you would workout with a pair or set of dumbbells of equal weight with each hand holding one. There are certain exercises where you would only use one dumbbell, but I will save that information for a future article.

Let’s first talk about the anatomy of the pectoral muscles. According to Wikipedia, “It arises from the anterior surface of the sternal half of the clavicle; from breadth of the half of the anterior surface of the sternum, as low down as the attachment of the cartilage of the sixth or seventh rib; from the cartilages of all the true ribs, with the exception, frequently, of the first or seventh and from the aponeurosis of the abdominal external oblique muscle.

From this extensive origin the fibers converge toward their insertion; those arising from the clavicle pass obliquely downward and outwards (laterally), and are usually separated from the rest by a slight interval; those from the lower part of the sternum, and the cartilages of the lower true ribs, run upward and laterally, while the middle fibers pass horizontally.”

Ok so that is a mouthful but you should know the scientific definitions of the muscles that you work so you know what you are doing. This maximizes your efforts.

A great exercise to build the pectoral muscles, as I said before, is dumbbell curls. This exercise is very basic but carries a lot punch if you know what I mean.

To perform the exercise, lie flat on your back holding a dumbbell in each hand with the weight even at your pectoral muscles. Slowly raise the weights until your arms are fully extended. Keep the weights above your pectorals at all times throughout the entire range of motion of the exercise. This will ensure that are receiving the maximum benefits of this exercise. Now slowly lower the weights back to the starting position.

Again as with any exercise you can very the way it is performed. For simplicity we keep it as a flat dumbbell bench press.

Using a comfortable weight load, perform ten to twelve reps of one to three sets, taking about thirty seconds rest in between each set.

Adding this exercise to your workout arsenal is sure to get that chest chiseled, looking strong and ultra healthy. As with any exercise routine you should consult your physician prior to starting it.

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