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Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review

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Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review

The Bowflex Revolution home gym is well known as being one of the best home gyms that you can find on the market today. Any Bowflex home gym is going to offer a ton of versatility and a lot of value. This one is certainly no different, and it’s packed with features, stations, workout techniques and more, allowing you to get a complete workout that’s tailored to your needs and designed for success.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Features

One of the key features of the Bowflex Revolution home gym is that it offers over 100 different exercises, with 400 exercise variations. That means that just about anything that you could do at a health club you can do right from your home, all from this one Bowflex home gym and premier workout station.

This Bowflex home gym features a 5 position foot harness, hand grips, a leg press plate and a preacher curl attachment. The Freedom Arms adjust 170 degrees for upper body workouts from all angles. You can even get some cardio exercise in, from the rowing machine capabilities that are built in.

You can work your upper body, lower body, core ad abs and do it in a way that’s designed to be successful, comfortable, easy to master and more. The Bowflex Revolution home gym also comes with a DVD workout video so you can see the capabilities of the machine and how you can get started, and an instructional manual as well.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Specifications

This Bowflex home gym model makes use of Spiraflex resistance technology. This provides a smooth and powerful workout each and every time, and it also allows for a great range of motion and a quiet workout as well. With the standard configuration it offers up to 220 lbs of resistance, and when in its maximum configuration it offers 300 lbs of resistance for the upper body and 600 lbs for the lower body.

When put together it has a height of 6’1", a width of 3’2" and a length of 9’4". The workout area is 10 by 7 feet, however when folded up the Bowflex Revolution home gym is much smaller, at just 55 inches by 38 inches. It’s backed up by a 10 year limited warranty, along with a 6 weeks fitness results guarantee. That means if you really put it to use and in 6 weeks haven’t seen results and don’t like your usage of the machine, you can send it back.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Bottom Line

The Bowflex Revolution home gym is absolutely loaded with features. Offering over 100 exercises and 400 variations, you have an entire, top quality gym right in your home, allowing you to train every single muscle and muscle group in your body to the fullest. This is a highly rated Bowflex home gym that offers something for everybody and guarantees results, and when you have this on hand your always just a moment away from a fantastic workout. Widgets

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