Build muscle Bodybuilding For Women

Bodybuilding For Women

Few other sports  entail as much preparation for a contest or meeting as bodybuilding, and yes, bodybuilding is absolutely a sport. There is a huge amount of preparation and intense training, and this includes bodybuilding for women as well as men.

The ultimate goal of either bodybuilding for women or men is getting a perfect body, sculpted to the maximum. But of course, this is different for men and women, both in the end result, and the path to get there.

The truth of the matter is that bodybuilding for women is more difficult because the female body literally is not adapted to building those massive muscles common in male bodybuilders, and there are numerous chemical and structural differences between men and women.

Bodybuilding for women still entails all of the core concepts that men need to focus on, including lifting heavy weights, eating high protein diets, eliminating all body fat and so forth, but the muscles will simply never be quite as large.

Over recent history the goals of  bodybuilding for women have changed.  At first a more natural and womanly, toned but smooth body was the ultimate goal, but soon after women were using steroids to try to achieve male results.

Thankfully, for both health and appearances, bodybuilding for women has shifted back to more natural results and appearances. Resistance training and weightlifting are still important, but that massive, unnatural size is not highly sought after. You can be a strong, sculpted woman, without needing to look like a man.

Every muscle in the body still needs to be worked out completely, at least once per week. The exact muscles that are emphasized and the exact routines that are performed though are different in the world of bodybuilding for women.

With the lower body, obviously the hamstrings, calves and quadriceps need to be worked out. But more of a focus is on the hip flexors and the thigh muscles known as the adductors and abductors.

For the upper body, the pectorals and back are still targeted, but lighter weights and other elements of resistance training are utilized.

The arms of course need to be targeted to, with exercises like the French press for triceps, tricep press downs and standard variations of dumbbell and barbell curls. Clearly, bodybuilding for women still requires a lot of hard work.

The right kind of diet and nutritional program is of course important as well. Diets generally include 25% of calories from protein, 40% from complex, healthy carbohydrates, and the remaining calories from healthy, unsaturated fats.

Many female bodybuilders also take supplements, ranging from protein powder and amino acids to a variety of other supplements. You can take them on their own or make protein shakes.

Soluble oil like wheat germ oil should be ingested for energy and endurance, kelp and desiccated liver tablets for a concentrated protein boost.

Competition is the final aspect of women’s bodybuilding. As women’s bodies are different to men’s, they are also displayed differently for the most part. While they do adopt some of the male poses, like flexing the arms, shoulders and back, women’s bodybuilding poses are typically more graceful and intended to show the highly developed female body at its best.

In short, building for women is a lot like bodybuilding for men, but the approach is a little different to take into account women’s form and metabolism. The results, however, are just as impressive!

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