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What Makes A Good Bodybuilding Diet?

No less of an authority than Vince Gironda, The Iron Guru himself, once said that bodybuilding is 80% diet.

Having had no small amount of success as a bodybuilder in the past, Vince is known less for his own bodybuilding than for being the trainer behind one of the best known bodybuilders of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Gironda’s list of students reads like a veritable who’s who of bodybuilding ranging from the 1950s to the 1990s, including some of the biggest names in the sport.

A well designed bodybuilding diet is what Gironda viewed as the foundation of any successful bodybuilding career and over the decades he spent as a trainer, he was able to influence many others in the field to make diet an important part of their bodybuilding.

A proper bodybuilding diet is typically built around quality proteins along with natural, unrefined carbohydrates from fresh vegetables and fruits along with healthier fats and oils and plenty of fiber. Along with their diet, bodybuilders should also use supplements to help them lose subcutaneous fat and build new muscle tissue.

The sports nutrition expert Bernard Beverley said that bodybuilders should be especially careful about the types of protein that they include in their diet, since not all proteins are equally usable by the human body. He recommended that bodybuilders eat plenty of proteins which are similar to those found in our bodies, since these proteins are more readily assimilated.

Surprisingly enough, eggs are the food which contains the highest levels of these proteins and should definitely be part of any bodybuilding diet. Other good sources of protein are organ meats, fish, beef, poultry, lamb and milk. Higher protein vegetables including beans are also good to include in your diet.

Soybeans, however, contain only about 22% of the kind of high quality proteins you need; so choose alternative protein sources unless you’re prepared to eat a very large quantity of soyfoods. One thing which Vince Gironda recommended to his students in advance of competitions was to eat as many as three dozen eggs per day instead of using steroids.

The idea of eating this many eggs is to give you all of the protein you need to build new muscle tissue after strenuous workouts. After six to eight weeks, however, it’s time to cut back to just a few eggs a day – by this time you should have built the new muscle you were aiming for.

You’ll find other bodybuilding diets which focus on red meats and fresh fruit and vegetables. While each of these diets is made with a specific goal in mind, all are intended to provide your muscles with plenty of protein to rebuild and repair muscle. Of course, these kind of diets are not designed to be eaten for the long term. Gironda would recommend dietary supplements to his students along with the diets themselves, such as wheat germ oil, kelp tablets, dessicated liver and lipotropic amino acids to help the body take in and use protein. For students with upcoming competitions, Gironda would often suggest a cyclical diet to help them gain definition by losing subcutaneous fat.

The cyclical diet involves four days of no carbs at all, then one day of eating a normal diet. This may be repeated for as long as eight weeks depending how much subcutaneous fat they’re looking to lose.

A solid bodybuilding diet should be made up of about 24% proteins from good quality, readily available sources along with about 40% of natural carbohydrates (largely from fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains – but not refined sugars or starches), with the rest of the diet consisting of healthy fats and fiber.

The cyclical diet before a competition is a diet which works well for many; but keep in mind that it is not recommended to eat this way for longer than eight weeks at a time. Whenever you’re on a bodybuilding diet, it’s also important to make sure that you take appropriate supplements as well to help you get in shape and stay healthy at the same time. Widgets

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