Blog 5 Great Ways How To Get A Flat Stomach

5 Great Ways How To Get A Flat Stomach

5 Great Ways How To Get A Flat Stomach ]]> ]]>

Have you been wondering how to get a flat stomach? If you are, then follow these 5 great ways How To Get A Flat Stomach:

1. Raise Your Metabolic Rate
One crucial thing that you should do is to raise your metabolic rate. Why? Because the higher the metabolic rate, the more fat you will burn. If your metabolic rate is high enough it can even burn fat even while you are not doing anything.

One great exercise to increase your metabolic rate even after you stop the physical activities is running. When you run for a minimum of 40 minutes, the effect can last to a minimum of 19 hours after you stop running!

Just before running drink a glass of warm water and after your run, drink plenty of water. This will help boost your metabolic rate as well as quenching your thirst.

2. Eat More Times Daily
Instead of your regular 3 or 4 meals daily, eat 6 to 8 meals daily, every 2 to 3 hours interval.

But there is a catch. The meals has to be small in size. Make the size half of your regular meals. If the meal size is as your regular meal, then you will gain more weight instead. Eating small and repetitively will make you feel fuller throughout the day and it will also increase your metabolic rate.

For maximum effect, eat only carbohydrates before 2 pm and after that only eat proteins.

3. Do Crunches Everyday
That is right. You must do crunches daily and this must be consistent otherwise it will not work. Remember that the only person that is holding you back from your flat stomach is you!

Apart from doing the crunches, you should also do other exercise for your abdominal region. Crunches will only work for the upper area of your abdomen. So, for the lower are and your love handles, you will need to do leg raises and side bends respectively.

You should also try some of these exercise that can give you a flat stomach. There are Vacuum Pose and Belly Rubs, Torso Twist, Russian Twist, Belly Resting Exercise, Hip Raise Exercise, Air Cycling. Sit Ups, Front Squat, Log Roll, The Crab Ab Workout, Ab Tuck, Hanging Knee Raise, Hanging Leg Raise, V Crunches, Chin Up Crunches, Ball Crunches, Side Crunches, Log Roll, Dumbbell Side Bends, Leg Lift Exercise, Knees In and Out. Inclined Sit Ups and Reverse Crunches.

4. Stop Eating Before 7 PM
Make sure you stop all your eating before 7 pm. Normally we humans don’t do much activities after 7 pm up to the time we sleep. Any calories intake after 7 pm will most probably end up being stored as fat by our body. Our body will lower its metabolic rate when we sleep and as a result we cannot digest the food properly.

5. Quit Drinking Beer Or Alcoholic Drinks
You must stop drinking all alcoholic drinks. Where did you think the phrase “Beer Belly” came from? Beer or any alcoholic drinks for that matter will not make your stomach flat. The obsessive use and misuse of alcoholic drinks can be destructive to individuals as well as the society.

Follow these 5 great ways How To Get A Flat Stomach today and start seeing results in about 14 days to a month.

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